Bridge In

Guide: How to use the Bridge In feature to bring your Ethereum Mainnet $RLY to

An alternative way to get $RLY onto the platform is to directly purchase a Creator Coin and convert it to $RLY with the "Convert" feature. This alternative process has a per-transaction creator coin purchase limit of $100(?) and is subject to payment processor fees.


This guide's process allows for moving prior, larger purchases with potentially lower fees than the above note, but requires some experience with transacting on Ethereum.

This process is also useful for moving earned $RLY from vaults and liquidity pools to the platform.


Before using Bridge In to the platform, please take a look at Bridge Out Restrictions / KYC Requirements here to see if your region is enabled for Bridge Out.

  • An ERC20 capable wallet with some Ethereum Mainnet $RLY

    • See here for purchasing/swapping to $RLY from ETH and other ERC20

    • See here for our recommended wallets

  • An amount of Ethereum in the same wallet to cover Ethereum Gas Fees

    • $20 is a safe amount to cover a few transactions

  • A account

Process Overview

  1. Log in to your account and find your Bridge ID under account settings.

  2. Go to the Rally Bridge-In page on the Rally Vaults subdomain.

  3. Connect your wallet (Metamask, etc.).

  4. Authorize/Allow your wallet to transact with the contract if necessary.

  5. Enter the amount you'd like to "bridge in", as well as your Bridge ID.

  6. Click Deposit, confirm a satisfactory gas price is selected in your wallet, and Accept/Confirm the transaction.


Sign in to at

At the top right select your profile icon, and then click Settings, or go directly to

User Profile Button and Settings Button

Find your "Bridge ID" on the left section under your username. Copy this, we will need this later.

Bridge ID

Navigate to Connect your wallet with the yellow button at the bottom of the page, or with the standard button at the top right.

Rally Vaults "Bridge" Page
Selecting Your Wallet Provider

Authorize or Allow your wallet to transact with the contract if necessary. This may require a transaction of its own. Be sure to set a reasonable gas fee/price so that the transaction is not stuck due to Ethereum network congestion.

[screenshot pending]

You should see your total $RLY holdings. Enter the amount you'd like to deposit or "bridge in". For convenience, you can select varying percentages above the top left of the amount entry blank.

Enter your Rally ID here that we copied earlier.

Current Rally Balance, RLY Amount to Send Entry Blank, and Bridge ID Entry Blank

Double check your Rally ID is entered correctly. Click Deposit when you are satisfied with your entries. Your wallet should prompt you to accept or confirm the transaction. Confirm an adequate gas price is selected, and press Confirm.

Example Metamask Transaction Confirmation with Gas Price of 69Gwei

That's it! Your transaction can take some time depending on Ethereum network conditions. Please be patient. You should see it in your Portfolio on your account soon.