Mint Sprint Pilot Project

The Rally Creator Mint Sprint is a pilot program designed to allow creators with smaller communities than would normally qualify for a Rally social token to prove their community's engagement and overall fit.

The Creator Onboarding Team identifies possible Mint Sprint candidates from the organic pipeline and reaches out to them individually. Ideal candidates for the Mint Sprint are creators with less than 30,000 followers across various social media platforms.

Creators will have the opportunity to mint an open edition NFT of their choice on the $R Coin creator page. If the creator is able to sell 100 individual NFTs (one NFT per buyer) or more, they will qualify to move forward in the process of launching a social token with Rally. Note that Mint Sprinters will still be required to complete KYC/CDD and all other onboarding requirements.

Mint Sprint Parameters:

  • 10 day open edition sale

  • $25 price point

  • 100 NFT quota (one NFT per person)

  • 100% royalties to the creator on initial sale

  • 10% royalties to the creator on secondary sales

  • All funds go to creator's wallet in $R coin.

The NFTs sold during the Mint Sprint should hold some form of utility for purchasers. Recommended utilities include:

  • NFT-gated site content (Wordpress, Zoom event)

  • NFT exchange for a physical item/ticket/etc.

  • NFT exchange for an event or gathering

  • Speculation: Guarantee of XX tokens when coin launches

This way, the NFT will hold some form of utility even if the creator does not sell the required number of NFTs.

FAQ for Mint Sprinters

What is the $R Coin? The $R Coin is Rally’s sandbox development coin. It exists to allow Rally staff to explore the functionality available to our creators. It functions as a regular social token, except it is not eligible for community rewards.

What NFT file types does Rally support? You can see the accepted file types and sizes here.

When will my NFT be visible on the website? Can I have a link in advance? Your NFT will be available for purchase at a time of your selection on the day you select. However, it can be made visible on the website (without being available for purchase) up to 7 days in advance. We can provide you with that link as soon as the NFT is visible on the website.

Can I set up airdrops for my audience? You’re welcome to set up an airdrop for your audience! We recommend setting up a Google form like this one to collect folks’ Rally IDs (which you’ll need to send them $R coin). From there, you can manually “Send” folks $R from your Rally wallet, or via a bulk token transfer facilitated by the Rally team. Unfortunately we cannot set up airdrops via Bonfire at this time for Mint Sprinters.

edit 3/15/22 - changed quota from 150 NFTs to 100 NFTs.

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