Creator Referral Program

Note: This page was archived June 22, 2022.

Rules & Requirements

  • All referrals must be submitted to and approved by the team first to avoid duplicate outreach efforts. Failure to secure approval before a new Creator signs up will invalidate the referral.

  • Once approved, referred Creators must apply via the sign-up page on the website, and input the referring Creator’s name into their application.

  • The 5,000 $RLY bonuses will be issued when the referred Creator crosses 100 net new & unique coin holders after launch.

  • A referred Creator may already be an $RLY or Creator Coin holder, but they may not have created a Creator account or be in the application process.

  • If we suspect any breach in our Terms of Service with regards to fraud, multi-accounting, bot signups, or other means of foul play, we retain the right to refuse payment and take action against any involved parties.

How to Submit a Referral

  1. Existing Creator (referrer) submits a referral (referred) to Rally via this Google Form.

  2. Rally team will review and send email confirmation to the referrer that they may proceed.

  3. Referrer should instruct the referred to apply for their Coin on the Rally website.

  4. Referred must write-in the referrer’s name into the application under the “How did you hear about Rally? → Rally Creator → Name of Rally Creator” field.

  5. Referred must complete the application, pass through our Creator Due Diligence and be approved by our Creator Advisory Council before they will be able to launch their coin.


If I have a potential referral who already has an account on Rally, are we eligible for the RLY reward?

Yes, the referred Creator may already be a user of Rally and hold CC’s, however, they must not have launched a coin yet or be in the application process

What if some of the 100 users already have Rally accounts?

To count towards the referral reward, all 100 users must be net new to the Rally platform, they cannot have signed up previously and they cannot have held any Creator Coin previously.

When do I receive my RLY reward?

You will receive your award when we can validate that the new Creator has launched a creator coin on and has at least 100 unique holders of their creator coin.

Can I refer any Creator?

While technically you can refer any Creator, we strongly encourage you to only refer Creators you have a direct relationship with. If that creator has already been reached out to by our team, we may ask you not to send another note to them depending on how our conversation with them went.

Why do I need to have my referral approved by Rally?

We are instituting an approval process for this first referral campaign so that we can avoid sending too many messages to the same Creators. We want to be sure that the Creator you would like to refer hasn’t already been in conversations with our team.

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