Creator 101
A list of features and concepts you should know as a new creator
The following list represents the core parts of your coin's page and user experience you should understand when launching your Creator Coin.
  • Your Coin's home page. This is where you will bring your community to learn about and use your coin. Your coin page has a unique URL.
    • Price: This is the current price of the coin based on factors such as the Circulating Supply and Total RLY Backing (both of these are below in Tabs/Sections).
    • Creator information: This includes images, a bio, and social media information that make up a creator's profile. For more, see Creator Profile Page.
  • Send: Sending a coin (for example, gifting coins to your community)
  • Tabs/Sections - see below for more details
  • Creator Tools and Resources, including Brand Guidelines & Assets, the Rally Discord Bot, and more.
  • Token Bonding Curves: A token bonding curve (TBC) is a pricing curve that establishes a functional relationship between the supply of a Coin and its current price.
  • Genesis Coins: The first coins minted for a given coin. These coins go to the corresponding creator and ensure that they have the ability to own a large percentage of their Coin supply at all times, with the intention of motivating creators to behave in ways consistent with the long term value of their Coin economy. For more on genesis coins, review the TBC section.
  • Flow Controls: Flow controls govern the amount of coins that can be 1) converted (to $RLY) and 2) transferred (to another user, transferring to a creator is excluded) after purchase. There are no flow controls on a fan sending a creator's coins to the creator.
  • Creator Fees: Creator Fees are a slippage- or price impact-influenced fee assessed on all sales of Creator Coin. This fee is given to the respective Creator as sidechain RLY.



The Overview tab is the first section people will see on a Creator Coin page. The main sections, Coin Uses & Benefits and Active Campaigns, make up a coin's marketplace.

Coin Uses & Benefits

In this area, the creator types out any information they want to provide about how their coin can be used. This can include benefits for holding as well as deeper explanations of items for sale in the Campaigns section. A creator can add multiple different sections within Coin Benefits and Uses, each with their own title and body of information. For a good example, see $BLAP.

Active Campaigns

Campaigns are where a creator list items for sale. This can be digital or physical goods, services, and experiences. See Campaigns for more information.


The Activity tab view is a public ledger providing a high level view into a coin's economy.
  • Total Supporters: The total number of Rally wallets holding some amount of the coin, including the creator's wallet.
  • Total Transactions: The total number of buys, sells, and sends of a coin aggregated.
  • Total RLY Backing: The total amount of $RLY tokens that sit in escrow behind the value of a coin.
  • Total Support Volume: The Total RLY Backing multiplied by the current price of the $RLY token. This is the total current estimated value (ie, total liquidity) of the $RLY backing your coin's price.
  • Circulating Supply: The current number of a coin that exists across all of the wallets represented by Total Supporters.
  • Network Activity: The most recent coin transactions, including the type of transaction, amount, and time.

My Wallet

This represents the amount of a specific coin currently held by the logged in account, as well as the transactions to and from the wallet for that specific coin. For creators, this will include any coins you send from your wallet, and any coins sent to you via Send, Campaigns, and NFT sales.
Note here the "Convert" button, which allows you to buy or sell a Creator Coin using any $RLY tokens in your Rally.io account. This does not include $RLY you may have in Coinbase or a compatible Ethereum wallet. It is very common for Rally.io users to buy coins with their $RLY holdings from Rewards and the selling of other coins.

My Rewards

Rewards, or Community Activity Rewards, are an incentive designed to reward creator communities who actively participate in the Rally Network. Communities earn rewards based on activity involving a Creator Coin. A Coin can only earn rewards if there is evidence of sufficient activity on the Coin. Metrics for inclusion in the Rewards program include a mix of Creator and holder behavior. A Creator can also choose to opt out of Rewards. For a deeper overview of Rewards, see Community Activity Rewards.
The My Rewards tab has the following elements:
Weekly $RLY Rewards
This section shows how much $RLY the coin is currently generating for Rewards in the current reward period (ie, current week.)
A coin can earn rewards if the Avg Balance This Week is greater than the Avg Balance last 4 weeks during any hour during the Rewards period, which is one week (7 days) in length. If the Avg Balance This Week is less than the Avg Balance last 4 weeks, the coin will not earn Rewards.
The "Avg Balance" represents the Total RLY Backing noted in the Activity tab section above.
My Rewards %
Reward information specific to the logged in user.
Rewards pending: The current amount of $RLY rewards earned by the logged in user during the current Rewards period. This will be distributed to the user at the end of the Rewards period.
Rewards received: The total rewards the logged in user has received to date for holding the viewed Creator Coin.


A creator-only view of the user activity for a coin. For more, see Dashboard.