Token Bonding Curve (TBC) FAQs

Can new creators choose which curve they want to be on?

A. Based on the performance and feedback from creators, Rally will default to the V2 TBC for new creators although the V1 TBC is available for any creator who would like to opt in to that design.

Can Coins change curves?

A. There are several technical reasons why this is currently not possible but the most important considerations to creators and Coin holders is that changing curves would not update the amount of Coins any holder has. For example, a holder that had $100 USD worth of X Coin when migrated over to the V2 TBC would see that drop down to $20 USD worth of X Coin. This would obviously be a very drastic change and could lead to a lot of confusion and frustration that should be avoided.

Are any future changes happening to the V2 TBC design?

A. Yes - Rally continues to collect feedback from creators, Coin holders, and community members that may mean changes to the TBC design in the future. The features Rally is working on pertain to giving creators more launch and Coin economy controls which do not have to do with the TBC design.

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