Rally Rewards FAQs

Info on Rally Rewards program (also referred to as Rewards V3).

Rally Rewards have been sunset as of October 31, 2022. All Rewards modules have been removed from the site as of November 30, 2022.

General Info

To read more about the strategy behind the Rally Rewards program, check out our blog post here and the forum post here which goes into more detail into each feature.

What are Rally Rewards?

Rally Rewards, previously referred to as Community Activity Rewards, is an incentive program designed to reward Creators and communities who are actively participating in Rally and contributing to healthy token economies. It was launched in October 2020 and has evolved based on community feedback and metrics. Rally Rewards are currently on Rewards V3 in terms of updated calculations and eligibility guidelines. For more about the previous iterations of the Rewards program (V1 and V2), read more here.

How do I earn Rally Rewards?

Rally Rewards are calculated in two different steps:

  1. Coin Economy Reward Calculation: the amount of weekly $RLY rewards a Coin economy earns

  2. Individual Wallet Calculation: an individual’s share of a Coin economy’s weekly $RLY rewards

Step 1: Coin Economy Reward Calculation

Eligible Coins will earn rewards, and the amount of rewards per Coin will be calculated based on the square root of the coin’s RLY backing divided by the sum of the square root of each coin’s RLY backing.

Numerator: Square root of a Coin’s $RLY backing


Denominator: Sum of the results of the above calculation for all Coins eligible for earning rewards.

= Output (a Coin’s share of daily $RLY rewards)

Once you have the “Output” above, multiply by the total $RLY Rewards for that week to get the total $RLY Rewards for that Coin:

Total Daily RLY rewards allocated * Coin’s share of daily rewards = $RLY Rewards for a Coin

By changing the calculation from the four-week moving average of $RLY backing to the above formula, this enables more Coin economies to receive rewards on a consistent basis and benefits Coins who have wide participation from their community.


Assume we have 4 coins. $Coin1, $Coin2, $Coin3, $Coin4

Coin Kind$RLY BackingSqrt $RLY Backing















Assuming total $RLY Reward for that week is 700 $RLY:

Coin Kind$RLY BackingSqrt $RLY BackingReward Amount




700 * 10/70 = 100 $RLY




700 * 15/70 = 100 $RLY




700 * 20/70 = 100 $RLY




700 * 25/70 = 100 $RLY

As shown above, based on the total $RLY Reward for that week being 700 $RLY, $Coin1 coin reward would be 700 * (10 / 70) = 100 $RLY

Step 2: Individual Wallet Calculation

After that initial determination of total reward amount for a given Coin, individual rewards will be assigned based on the percentage of Coin holdings on a daily basis. This is unchanged from the current system.

For example, if $X Coin has earned 100 $RLY for that day and you own 20% of the total circulating supply of $X Coin, you would receive 20 $RLY for that day.

Where can I see how much % of a Creator Coin I hold?

You can calculate this percentage by looking at your total Coin holdings and the total circulating supply.

What are the main changes / major differences between V1, V2, and V3 of Rewards?

One main difference between V2 and V3 is how we determine eligibility. We no longer determine if a Coin is eligible for Rewards by looking at the 4-week moving average. Eligibility is now determined by a combination of activity metrics that indicate a healthy Coin economy. We made this change based on Creator feedback.

The other main difference is how we determine the share of Rewards earned by each Coin. In Rewards V2 we determined the share by square rooting the growth in RLY of a Coin. In Rewards V3, we simply square root a Coin’s overall RLY backing. This means that the share of a Coin’s rewards is now determined by overall economy size, not the change in economy size.

Read more about V1 and V2 Rewards.

When did Rewards V3 become active?

The new Rewards V3 calculation was turned on Saturday 7/9 at 5pm PST. The first $RLY Reward claim will be distributed on Monday 7/18 morning.

Will I earn more Rewards under V3 than on V2?

You can read more about Rewards V3 here but the new calculation is meant to distribute more consistent rewards to Coin communities rather than the inconsistent Rewards distribution most Coin communities were experiencing under Rewards V2. For example (numbers below are illustrative only):

Coin $A Under Rewards V2:

  • Week 1: 4,000 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 2: 0 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 3: 0 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 4: 0 $RLY Rewards

  • TOTAL = 4,000 $RLY Rewards

Coin $A Under Rewards V3:

  • Week 1: 1,250 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 2: 1,250 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 3: 1,250 $RLY Rewards

  • Week 4: 1,250 $RLY Rewards

  • TOTAL = 5,000 $RLY Rewards

When are Rally Rewards claimable?

Currently Rally Rewards will be claimable every week on Saturday afternoons PST. Eventually, as part of completing the rollout of Rewards V3, Rewards will be made claimable every day. There is currently no anticipated rollout date for daily distributions but we will notify the community ahead of the changes going live.

You can claim your rewards any time once they become claimable.

If you see the claim button grayed out or with a progress gradient, that means you are currently accumulating rewards and they are not claimable at the moment. There is a countdown timer to indicate how much time there is remaining until you can claim your rewards. See example below:

Can a person earn rewards for multiple communities?

Yes, a person can earn rewards for every community whose Creator Coin they own.

If I own multiple Creator Coins, can I see how much rewards I received per coin?

Yes - in your portfolio, on the right panel, you will see a breakdown of how many total $RLY rewards you have earned per Coin.

Can I claim all my Rally Rewards at one time or do I need to individually claim them for each Coin I own?

Yes, the claim button on every Coin page will read “Claim All Rewards” when your rewards accumulation is complete for that week. Clicking this button will claim all your $RLY Rewards for all Coins so you just need to claim it once per week. See example below:

Where will my rewards be deposited after I claim them?

Your claimed rewards will be added to your wallet after you claim. It can take some time to show up in your account - try refreshing the page or check back after a couple of hours if it is still not showing up. If they do not show up after 24 hours, please email support@rally.io.

Are all Coins eligible to earn rewards?

No. Some Coins may not be eligible for Rally Rewards, either because the Creator has opted out or because the Coin did not meet the minimum activity metrics required for eligibility.

While we don't publish specific metrics, overall we look for indicators of a healthy Coin economy including creator and community participation, growth and commerce. Coins can become eligible again should their activity rise above the minimum bar, and eligibility is reviewed on a monthly basis.

There are also other Coins such as $R Coin that have been non-rewards Coins from launch and their non-reward status is posted prominently in the Coin benefits section.

Can a person earn rewards while their account is suspended?

No, if an account is suspended for any reason, that account is not eligible to earn rewards during the term of the suspension.

Why am I getting less rewards?

With Rewards V3 we removed the 4-week rolling average from the eligibility calculation. We did this based on creator feedback, with the goal of rewarding and incentivizing more positive behavior for Coins and their communities. Additionally, the more consistent earning under V3 should balance out slightly lower weekly amounts overtime.

By removing the rolling average, almost all Coins became eligible for Rewards. This had the effect of dividing the same amount of $RLY across more tokens, driving earnings for some Coins down. To mitigate this effect, we introduced a new eligibility threshold determined by looking at a mix of healthy economy activity metrics. We will continue to review these metrics on a monthly basis, and improve upon the formula, ensuring that only active communities are earning Rewards.

At the individual level, there are a number of factors to consider if you are getting less Rewards:

  • The Coin you hold is earning less.

  • Your percentage holdings of a Coin’s circulating supply is smaller than it had been.

  • One or more of the Coins you hold is no longer eligible for Rewards.

  • There were less Rewards distributed overall.

Does Rally distribute the same amount of Rewards each week?

The amount of Rewards distributed each week varies depending on how much is allotted to the Rally application by the RLY Network Association. Read more about Rewards distribution on the RLY forum.

Why do you use the square root function in your Rewards calculation?

We’ve always used a square root function (see archive post on Rewards V2), it is not new to Rewards V3. Square rooting is a typical way (in finance, in forecasting, in voting) to mitigate a winner-take-all effect. The square root function is used by Rally to help shift some of the rewards to smaller communities who typically have lower base levels of $RLY backing them. What is important to know is that top creators are still collecting top rewards, directly correlating to $RLY backing.

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