Receive Coin via Deeplinks

Create a link with a fixed price to send to fans for easier transactions

Deeplinks are only available and visible to Creators.

For Campaigns, see Creating Commerce Campaigns.

Creators can now generate a link (URL) that opens to the Send flow for your Creator Coin with a preset amount to drive specifically priced tips/sales. For example, if you want to charge $5 for a fan to get a shoutout from you, you would use the Receive feature to create a link that a fan can click to be taken to the confirmation screen for the $5 purchase.

Note: Once the link has been created, any user with the link can edit the values in the URL to change the amount, note, etc before completing the send.

  1. Browse to your Creator Coin page on

  2. On the Overview Tab, select the edit button next to Active Campaigns Or on the Wallet tab, select the Receive button.

3. Enter an amount in number of coins or USD value. You can enter a note should you want fans to know what exactly this purchase is for, such as "Shoutout on Twitter - Include your Twitter handle in note."

4. In the following image, you can see the link that has been generated at the bottom of the window. Click the link icon to copy the link and share it with your community!

When a fan clicks the link (and is logged into Rally), they will be automatically taken to the final step in the Send flow to send (ie, spend) your coin to you. The fan can change the message at this point as well.

As a creator, you will see a fan's email address for any Send of your Creator Coin to you, so you can contact the fan by email should you have an item to send/fulfill.

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