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Guide: Sending Coin to other Users

Anyone can send Coins to creators or to any Rally user. There are no fees for using the Send feature. To send to a Creator, you can easily do it from their Coin page, and to send to another user, you will need either their Username or Rally ID.

If you send a creator's own Coin to them, this is considered a commerce transaction, such as a tip or purchase.

Sending on

You can send Coins to up to 75 people at a time.

  1. Go to the Creator Coin page for the type of Coin you want to send. If you are a creator, and want to send your own Coin, you can just go to your own Coin page. Click Send.

  2. If you are sending to a Creator, click their name at the bottom of the pop-up window. If you are sending to one or more users, you can enter up to 75 Rally Usernames or Rally IDs in the field provided.

  3. Select to send as either number of coins or USD value, and then type the amount to send. If you are sending to multiple people, the amount you select will send to each person. Click Next.

  4. (Optional) Include a note that will be shared with the person(s) receiving the Coins.

  5. Click Send to complete the transaction to send the coin to the creator. The creator will see your username in their My Activity feed.

Sending via Discord

The Discord server must have the Rally Coin Bot installed and a specific Creator Coin set. Also, both the sending and receiving party must link their Discord accounts to their accounts.

Sending a Coin via Discord sends Coins by amount in USD value.

In the Discord server, use the following command:

/send @DiscordUserName <qty>

To send $5 USD worth of a Coin to the creator, do the following:

/send @DiscordUserName 5

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