Creating NFTs

In order to create NFTs with Rally, you must be a creator with a Coin on Rally.

Once you have your Coin launched, go to and make sure you are logged in to your Rally account.

Go to the menu on the top right navigation and select “Create an NFT” from the dropdown to open a pop up (screenshot below).

To understand the differences between the NFT sell options listed, visit our Getting Started Guide for Creators to get a detailed breakdown.

Once you click one of the above sell options, you will be asked to provide the following information so be sure to have it ready (there may be additional info required depending on your selected sell method):

  • NFT file (see file type and size restrictions)

  • Sell method (primary sale, auction, buy now (primary vs private), etc)

  • NFT title and description

  • Edition number (can be infinite if open edition)

  • Primary sale royalty splits (if needed)

  • Secondary royalty amount to creator (%)

  • Secondary royalty sale splits (if needed)

  • NFT display date and time (when it will be viewable on the marketplace)

  • Price (marked in USD)

We look forward to seeing your NFT on!

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