Creator Profile Page

A guide to the different elements of a creator's social token page

Note: There are some elements that have yet to be added to the Creator Profile Page that we've included here since we collect them at onboarding.

Each creator has a "home" page where the creator provides use cases, benefits, and campaigns for their coin; and provides information (ie, bio) and links about themself.

Edits to Information

Creators can make edits by logging in to their account, navigating to their Coin page, and pressing the "Edit" button in the appropriate section. The only elements creators cannot edit themselves is any image updates (please email or the Coin symbol (3-5 alphanumeric symbol beginning in $) as that cannot ever be changed.

Note: If a creator edits their Coin page to add the Uses & Cases section and they provide a title to a section but leave the description blank, it will not be displayed on the site, and no warning/error/feedback is given to the creator.

Once the creator provides both a title and a description, saves their changes, they should wait 10 seconds then reload the page. The new section of their page will be displayed.

Creator Home Page Walkthrough

Here is a zoomed out look at a Creator home page. Below we will go over the different elements of each section in the Overview Tab.

Top Banner

The top banner displays the following information:

  • Creator public name

  • Coin symbol/ticker: 3-8 character symbol beginning with $ (this cannot be changed)

  • Coin Image: 306x306px, JPG format preferred

  • Banner image background, 1440x557, JPG format preferred

  • Current Coin price

Reminder - to change the Coin image or the banner image, please email


The NFT section will showcase the latest NFT you have on & has a direct link for your Supporters to check out and purchase your NFT.

If you do not have an NFT yet, check out how to easily mint an NFT here!

Coin Uses & Benefits

The Coin Uses & Benefits section is your chance to list out the different benefits Supporters receive for purchasing and/or holding your Coin. You can add as many as you want here and also include relevant links.

To add / edit, simply hit the "Edit" symbol on the upper right hand corner (see screenshot below).

About Me

The About Me section displays the following information:

  • Creator Public Name

  • Bio

  • Creator Profile/Bio Image: 5:4 (641px width)

  • Social Links

To add / edit, simply hit the "Edit" symbol on the upper right hand corner (see screenshot below).

Reminder - to change the Creator Profile image, please email

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