CAC - 2021 Candidates

2021 Candidates for the Creator Advisory Council


Community Members

Members from the community who are not creators or developers.

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As a regular community member, I’ve been actively participating for the past year in multiple Creator communities as well as in the broader Rally ecosystem (discord, forum, snapshots, etc).

I have a background of 20+ years in digital marketing (d2c/ecom, consultancy, startups). Earlier this year I decided to quit my job at my last agency, as I’m truly convinced the regular media & advertising industry will be disrupted by creators and their communities.

I’ve now applied for a potential role in the Creator Advisory Council, as I want to help the broader Rally ecosystem in a more formal role and help shape the future of the creator economies.


I believe I can quickly get a feel whether or not a creator has the potential to thrive within the Rally ecosystem.

I’ve been a very active community member since I was introduced to Rally by Matty Mo. From day 1 I’ve wanted to be more involved, I applied to CAC the first round, I’ve become friends with 3rd party devs, employees, existing creators as well as helped bring on a handful of new ones.

I care massively about Rally’s future and am currently working with the culture guild in the Forefront DAO to put together a Social Token Spotlight series that specifically focuses on creators from Rally.


As the Director of Creator Support with $PLAY, i am dedicated to helping creators and their supporters understand all the ways they can use their coin successfully. I have 30 years experience with IT, Business Development, and Community Curation on multiple platforms. I am engaged with creators and their communities now, helping them learn how to succeed with Rally, and being voted onto the Creator Advisory Coincil is a perfect fit.


Hey, suppose you are an active member of the Rally community. In that case, you probably notice my name from multiple forum posts or discord discussions. I have a technical background working as a blockchain developer and consulter for almost 3 years. On top of that, I have experience with social media through my private engagement as a political campaign strategy team member. I am confident that I can contribute with unique new ideas to utilize CC to benefit Creators from different industries. My personal goal would be to also approach the German Creator Community because I see significant potential here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me “Lomo” on Discord.


Throughout the past year, being exposed to the Rally sphere has taught me a lot about cryptocurrencies and how to truly build a community economy with one. I came from Stanz's launch, initially thinking that this was a one-off schtick and will die before it begins. However, coming to his Thunderdome weekly for the challenges he hosts and hearing/seeing more about what this could really do for the community, really helped me embrace the idea. Joining the Rally discord and starting a bond with multiple creators helped me take this a step further to understand the challenges that creators face in educating their fans. I believe that my perspective as a relative novice in the cryptocurrency space together with my experience helping others understand Rally's creator coin economies would benefit the Creator Advisory Council, because I may be able to better relate to the challenges that some new Rally creators feel. I can share insights on ways to reward/incentivize the viewers of a community in sustainable ways.


Hello my name is Emerson Standish. I came across Rally after getting into the crypto scene at the beginning of this year. I have been following Rally since the beginning of the year and fell in love with the platform. My background has been working as a social media manager and marketing specialist in the Blockchain Startup Space, building engaging driven community’s in the space.

My hope that being a member of this review council will allow me to contribute my skills and knowledge I have into this amazing community. I would be a good fit for CAC because I have an extensive amount of knowledge within the Rally Community and Creator Economy. I’m very passionate about Crypto and a true believer in Rally. I greatly appreciate your consideration.


I am accepting my nomination for the CAC because if there is one thing that I learned in being a part of this ecosystem for almost a year it is that creators are at the center.'s success if forever tethered to the success of its creators and I felt that when Rally would struggle throughout the year, it was due to misalignment between the creators and As part of the council I hope to bridge this gap for the betterment of the creators, the community, and rally itself.


I have been part of the Rally community since launch, when I first had a chance to speak with the founders and a number of the creators with their own coins during their launch rooms on Clubhouse. I currently hold coins from 20 different creators on Rally and have found it be an incredible community.

I have worked for 15 years in digital marketing and communications at one of the largest agencies in Canada and also sit on the agency’s global executive. In this role I have worked on award winning campaigns with some of the world’s most recognizable brand (P&G, Amazon, Expedia, Pepsi, Emirates, Ikea) and some of the world’s best known online influencers.

Prior to my time in agency I worked as a senior political advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada and also served for seven years as an advisor to the Minister of Finance, so I have a clear sense of some of the regulatory and legislative issues Rally may face as growth continues.

I’ve applied Creator Advisory Council, to help play a role in Rally’s ongoing growth and am very interested in how this will evolve the relationship between influencers and brands.


I would make a great addition to the Creator Advisory Council because of my background in running an agency for almost a decade. As a tech and communications professional one of the major issues I see after speaking with and advising creators on how to communicate the purpose of their coins in their own communities. For a successful creator economy those fans need to turn into supporters.


I have been a part of the Rally community since March. My background is in esports and influencer marketing. I have spent two and a half years managing one of the most watched esports teams on Twitch, and currently work in influencer marketing for a company that has a network of 120,000 influencers globally. Additionally, we've created commercials for gaming companies like Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Kabam, Rovio, Machine Zone and platforms like TikTok, Unity, and Vungle. I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life to truly understanding creators and would be honored to use that experience to amplify the Rally network. Thank you for your consideration.


Members who have a Creator Coin.

Rally Name


Meta4ickal ($KKCR)

I will provide and would continue to provide help to my fellow creators on top of all other required duties. My assistance is and would be varied based on need, from helping them work out their use cases to serving as an experienced Creator in the ecosystem. I would also serve as a liaison between Rally, users, and Creators. Provide perspective and experience from both a creative and technical background. I could also help supplement and provide synergies with recruitment efforts for Creators, developers, and other talented people to the Rally ecosystem. - Response, sorry was away with a family issue.

DTQJack ($DTQ)

DTQJack is the cofounder of the DownToQuest Streaming house which was one of the first Twitch streamers and multi-creator organizations to join the Rally network. He is an innovator in the space, especially anything to do with cryptocurrency or the blockchain. Jack is known for helping find solutions and creative ways for creators to engage their communities. He has been doing what he calls the Rally Creator Recap, a bi-monthly show where he investigates every Creator on the network and discusses their coin's benefits and uses.

Xtinaholder ($WOMXN)

I want to join CAC to help creators transform their audiences into communities. I’m a social impact advisor with over 10 years of experience in non-profit board member experience. I’m also formally trained in organizational management and governance.

Please vote for me! Thank you

jeffpulver - Jeff Pulver ($JEFF)

My life story is all about community. For those who do not know my background, see: for some texture.

Professionally I have founded a few trade associations including the VON Coalition ( in 1996 and today I remain Chairman Emeritus. The VON Conferences I started / hosted / produced helped bring together the global VoIP industry. The #140Conf events brought together the twitter community and became the first global social media conference series. Even now I continue to host two global networking groups each week.

In May I started hosting my weekly “Creator Economy” show and I continue to bring people together. connect, share and engage with them.

I have experience growing industries, investing in startups, advising Fortune 50 companies, communicating with the media. As a conference creator, curator, producer, host, my events have brought thousands of people together. All my events were supported by my community.

Voicebot ($BOT)

Bret understands what it means to be an effective advocate and how to grow new enterprises. He will be an advocate for creators, communities, and Rally as a member of the Creator Council. He has a global reputation shaped over 25 years helping startups, brands, and Fortune 500 corporations navigate key technology shifts including the web, IoT, mobile, social, and AI. Rally is part of a new technology shift to the token economy and creators are the critical startups that will lead its growth and evolution. However, he believes we need to both bring in new creators that will enhance Rally's brand and market awareness AND help existing creators secure the tools they need to be successful.

jms903 - Jason Steinhauer ($JASON)

Why I’m a good fit: A public historian and author of a book about the Web and social media, I’m an early Rally creator (coin launched in Feb ‘21) who has been involved in nearly every facet of Rally conversations over the past 7 months. I bring historical context and thoughtfulness to how Rally can best operate and serve creators, and I know what the Web has been and where it’s heading, and how Rally can be part of that future. It’s by knowing our past that we learn how to make a better future; my voice will put historical expertise to use to benefit all!

garylhenderson ($GARY)

Over the past 8 years I have helped creators and influencers grow and monetize their personal brand. I've spent the last 7 months doing the same with Rally and have grown our discord server to over 2,200 people, sold over 10,000 $GARY in NFT's on the Rally Platform, grew to 997 unique supporters and consistently maintained a top 10% ranking at Rally. I have worked hard to build a successful community and am willing to do the same to ensure our new coin creators have similar success as I have had.

timbvctoo ($TBT)

My name is Erica, I’ve worked with artists (the museum kind) in LA for over 15 years. I'm very good with artists and very good at knowing who has potential. I launched my coin two weeks ago (without any experience in the field). A few hours later I had freaked out about the volatility, moved a bunch of my coin to Rally, realized my mistake, and then realized I couldn’t move them back. I didn’t know what to do.

So I diversified. It was a major learning curve, but in learning about and investing in so many of you over the last weeks I feel qualified to represent this divergent group. Because I’m new, I can provide the benefit of an outside perspective, especially when it comes to on-boarding and outward facing language. Much of what I do with artists is to take their ideas (which are complicated and abstract) and find a way for any person to enter and enjoy it. I believe Rally is similarly motivated and I’m very excited about its future.

fanzo ($ADHD)

Digital Futurist & ADHD SuperPOWERED Girl Dad x 3. International Keynote Speaker in 76 Countries, Podcasater and Digital Futurist. Founder of Misfit Mafia on Clubhouse and CEO of @isocialfanz.

Xcelencia ($EQUIS)

I am an entrepreneurial artist and crypto native that owns a record label and music publishing company. Recently surpassing 35 million streams around the world on Spotify I have become witness to the democratization of music at a global scale and believe that NFT’s, social tokens and web3 is yet another iteration of a truly democratized creator economy leveling the playing field for many us.

Outside of my personal career I am developing a larger, purpose-driven project. I consult and assist underrepresented and underserved creators from Latin America in the music industry to help collect royalties, efficiently monetize their works, and empower them with tools and knowledge to take their careers to the next level.

BumBailey ($BUM)

We were hoping to have a representation on CAC to communicate our audience values and also share our experience making viral content for GenZ/Millennials. I think finding an image/video format that can communicate coin's value proposition will be crucial and look forward to working with other creators to think about what are the best ways to reach audiences over at TikTok and Instagram.

Minh ($MIND)

My main businesses are in web3 and social audio, as a cofounder, creator, producer, and chief innovation officer. with that intersection, i think i am uniquely positioned to build relationships for and with Rally creators, advise on where the web3 and creator economy is headed so that Rally creators can stay ahead of the game and advise Rally on what creators need and want.

jonschroeder ($HLTH)

20+ years in entertainment & marketing helping creators build their communities while creating sustainable revenue.

Maonsgos ($ALLIE)

I have been in crypto since 2016 and more recently I am a Rally power user that has been on the platform working with creators and developers for over a year. My wife has $ALLIE coin, and in working with her I’ve seen what it takes to be successful on the Rally platform, as well as which types of creators bring the most benefit to Rally. I have already spent a great deal of time trying to bring value to the Rally ecosystem and think this is another great opportunity to continue doing so. Thank you for your consideration.

jaffejuice ($JAFFE)

Joseph Jaffe is a thought leader, keynote speaker, 5-time author (his latest book: 'Built to Suck - the Inevitable Demise of the Corporation...and how to save it?'), and as of March 2020, the host of CoronaTV: a show born in a global pandemic, but not defined by it. CoronaTV is a show about hope, positivity, optimism...and if there's time left over...a little bit of marketing. To date, Joseph has welcomed over 200 guests including James Rollins, Jamal Mashburn, Seth Godin, Brian Muraresku, Daniel Golden and many more. CoronaTV streams live weekdays at 12 noon EST, followed by an after show, where viewers can interact with the host, guest and each other.

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