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Note: This page was archived June 22, 2022.

Rally has created a tool ecosystem to help enable creators to customize their Creator Coin integrations. One of those tools are APIs which let developers build off basic capabilities of different platforms and websites to enhance a creator’s economy.

Rally has made several different API references open to the public. These can all be found here with a brief description and everything a developer needs to successfully use.

In addition to the public APIs that are available, there are additional tools that require an approved developer status to access, specifically Webhooks and Oauth. To take full advantage of the Rally API you, or your developer, will need to register to become an approved Rally developer. You can get started here.

If you're a creator who needs to be connected to a developer you can get started here.

Apply to become a Rally developer

To complete an application, a developer should:

1) Sign up for a Rally account using the email option (not the Twitch account linking) - this account should be specific to them as a developer versus a personal account they may have with Rally

2) Using that same email address, send an email to with the following information in the email body:

  1. Your name

  2. Your applications name and description/use case

  3. Your application's website (optional)

  4. For Webhooks:

    1. What specific Creator Coins you want to subscribe to (i.e. KSK, SKOT, DTQ, etc)

    2. What specific Event types you want to subscribe to (Buy, Donate, etc)

    3. Callback URL (this will be the url that will receive webhook events)

  5. For Oauth:

    1. Your name

    2. Your applications name and description/use case

    3. Your application's website (optional)

    4. Callback URL (this will be the url that will receive the authorization token)

Please note: applications typically take ~2 weeks to be reviewed by the internal Rally team. Once approval has been granted, approved developers will have access to the tools. As Rally continues to build additional tools within the API ecosystem, developers will automatically have access to those features as well.

Request Developer Help

There is an existing network of approved developers that creators can tap into by filling out a Request Form to capture the development task. To complete, the creator will need to know: the platform, any acceptance criteria (must have features), timing, etc.

Once the form has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a Rally Product Manager who will follow up with creators directly for more information as needed and assign it to the developer community or the internal Rally product team to build.

Please note: timing for reviewing submissions is 2-3 weeks. Timing for development is highly dependent on the task complexity and is typically only available after a thorough review and research process by the development team.

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