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Airdropping Coins with Rally Coin Bot

Anyone holding the creator coin set for a given Discord server can airdrop coins to eligible members of that server. To be eligible to receive a drop, a user must have their Discord account connected to their Rally account.
After using the command, the sender will get a Discord DM from the bot ("coin") asking for them to approve the drop (!approve). The sender and recipient will each get an email receipt for each successful drop.
Syntax: !coin airdrop AMOUNT --people 1-75 --role ROLE --memo MEMO
Required Variable
  • Replace AMOUNT with a number representing the USD value in coins to send. For $5 worth of coins, enter 5.
Optional Variables
  • Replace 1-75 with a number from 1 to 75 to represent the maximum number of people eligible for the airdrop.
    • NOTE: Rally highly recommends using this limiter variable for a successful airdrop in channels with more than 75 eligible people.
  • Replace ROLE with the exact name of a role in your Discord server. You can add multiple instances of this variable to include multiple roles: --role Role1 --role Role2
  • Replace MEMO with a short memo for recipients
Example: !coin airdrop 5 --people 5 --memo Happy Friday!
Would send a total of $5 USD worth of the set coin across 5 people with the memo "Happy Friday!".