Sell NFTs

How to Sell an NFT on the Secondary Marketplace

Listing an NFT for resale is a simple process on Rally's NFT Marketplace.

  1. Login to

  2. Click on My NFTs on the top right to access your NFTs

  3. Select the NFT you would like to sell on the marketplace

  4. On the NFT page, click Sell

  5. Enter the desired Sale Price in USD

    • Keep in mind that one or more parties involved in the original creation of the NFT may have elected to receive secondary sale royalties

  6. Click Confirm and List to put the NFT up for sale on the marketplace

    • The NFT will be listed in the coin of the original creator.

Upon sale of your listed NFT, you will receive the USD equivalent of the creator’s Coin priced at point of sale less any Creator Fees (secondary royalties) directly to your Rally wallet.

Secondary sales on our platform are "Buy Now" only. Auctions and Open Edition are currently unavailable for secondary sales. For details on "Buy Now", read more here.

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