At-Launch Purchase

Creators are able to make the first purchase of their token when their token launches. This is applicable to every Creator that launches with Rally. This can help facilitate any big giveaways Creators are planning on doing to their community so the Creator does not need to dip into their genesis tokens.

Currently, the max purchase amount is $500,000 USD. Creators and the Rally Creator Onboarding team will work together during the pre-launch phase to coordinate if the Creator is interested in making an At-Launch Purchase. For an At-Launch Purchase, Rally will take 100% of the sidechain $RLY in the Creator’s Rally wallet and convert that into their token immediately after launch. Creators are required to have the appropriate amount of sidechain $RLY in their Rally wallet ahead of their launch.

NOTE: Creators should be aware that an At Launch Purchase may limit their ability to unlock more of their genesis token block. Currently, Creators on TBC V2 cannot vest more of their genesis block if they own more than 50% of their total circulating token supply. This means they will need to get more Coin Supporters to lower their ownership amount to under 50%.

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