Burn NFTs

All users can burn NFTs that they own in the event they do not want to sell the NFT but no longer want to own it and helps lay down the foundation for future burning-related utility (like burning an NFT to get a t-shirt or access to a show, etc).

To Burn An NFT:

  1. Navigate to the “My NFTs” button in the top right menu.

2. Under your username and the number of NFTs you own in the top banner, navigate to the “Burn” button.

3. That will take you to a list view of all your NFTs.

  • If you are a Rally Creator, you will also see all your minted NFTs. If your NFT has been purchased and is owned by another user, you will not be able to burn it as it is not yours anymore. You will see the NFT in the list but it will be grayed out and there will be an alert stating “Owned by a user and can’t be burned” (see above).

4. After you select the NFT(s) that you would like to burn, a pop up window will appear to confirm your selection and decision.

NOTICE: This is a permanent action and there is no way to retrieve the NFT so please double check before moving forward with burning your NFT.

5. Once you have double checked your selection and hit “Burn this NFT”, you will see an updated status that your NFT(s) have been successfully burned.

6. To see all the NFTs you have burned, you can go to your Dashboard Activity and under the Activity filter, select “Burned NFTs”.

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