Entering and Exiting Mechanisms for Your Token Economy

This section outlines the different mechanisms that affect users upon entering or exiting a token economy.

Some of these mechanisms can be turned on/off by the creator - read more below for a quick overview on which mechanisms are within the creator’s control:

  • Tl:dr - An exit fee or “tax” when a user leaves a token economy by selling (or converting) a Coin to $RLY or when swapping out of a Coin to another Coin. All fees go directly to the Coin’s Creator as sidechain $RLY [read more here].

  • A global default setting that is enabled for every token economy

  • Creators can request to have the Creator Fee turned off when the coin is created, but it can not be turned on later

  • Tl:dr - Creators can set a max purchase amount per purchases and converts, set a time limit between purchases and converts, and set the duration that these controls will be in place [read more here].

  • Creators can request Purchase Controls be enabled for their token economy at any time including at launch - email creatorsupport@rally.io with your request so Rally can configure

  • Currently, Creators are also subject to the same Purchase Controls

  • Tl:dr - Creators are able to make the first purchase of their token when their token launches [read more here].

  • Creators must request an At Launch Purchase during the onboarding process ahead of their token launch

  • Tl:dr - A mechanism that restricts the amount an individual can send or sell of a Coin. This affects every user including Creators except when a user is sending Coins to the Coin’s Creator [read more here].

  • A global platform setting that cannot be disabled

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