Creator Review Council

The Creator Review Council exists to review and vote on all new Creator Coin candidates, with an expanded scope in the future. The Creator Review Council is made up of Rally staff and at-large community members.

The Creator Review Council is a function of Rally Governance ensuring that the community participates in voting on candidates for Creator Coins. All members must be holding (or vesting) $RLY as that is the governance token for Rally Network.


In cooperation with the BD team, Council members are provided access to a spreadsheet with information about the current list of candidates after their applications have been reviewed by the Creator Applications team.

  1. The council is presented with a new batch of candidates on Mondays (by 12pm PT) via private Discord channel.

  2. The council then has until 5pm PT on Wednesday to review and vote on candidates.

    1. Any discussion on a particular candidate to occur in the private Discord channel.

    2. If a member does not vote in a particular cycle, their vote will default to Yes.

  3. After the voting period has passed, the list of candidates is published to a public, view-only channel on Discord. Coin launch date will not be provided.


A simple majority (51%) of Yes votes is required to approve the creator.


New creator: There is no defined quorum as member votes will default to Yes if a member is unavailable or otherwise abstains from voting.

Majority No Decisions

Should a candidate receive a majority of No votes, the candidate will need to be contacted with a reason and explanation.

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