Discord Rally Coin Bot

Guide: How to add the Coin bot to your Discord server

To invite the Rally Discord Coin Bot to your discord server, navigate to the following link:


After you have invited the bot to your server, make sure it has a higher permission order than any role you wish to gate. The bot will not be able to grant a role to a user if the role is higher in the hierarchy than the bot role.

Setup your coin

As the server owner, you will need to setup your coin. To do so, simply go to the server that has the bot installed, and type in the chat /setup

Setting up your coin is a very important step that will allow many other commands and functionality to work.


  • You must be a Creator in the Rally network and have your own creator coin

  • The Discord Coin Bot requires you have a Discord server

  • You must link your Rally.io account with Discord. (https://www.rally.io/settings/)


Anytime you see <value> inside a command, it is meant to be fulfilled without the brackets '<' and '>' when actually using the command in discord.

Key Commands:

Command: /donate <qty>

A user can directly donate to the specified server coin setup. This simplifies the process for a fan to donate directly to the creator by using the discord bot command (/donate <qty>). Users must have linked their account at Rally.io with discord for this command to work.


Command: /send @DiscordUserName <qty>

A user can directly interact with other users inside the discord server by trading the specified server coin setup. This allows for a simplified transaction without the need to go at Rally.io. Users must have linked their account at Rally.io with discord for this command to work.


Command: /airdrop AMOUNT

A user can airdrop a specific amount of $USD worth of a coin to other eligible users (Discord account connected to Rally) in a Discord server. After using the command, the sender will get a Discord DM from the bot ("coin") asking for them to approve the drop (/approve). The sender and recipient will each get an email receipt for each successful drop. To be eligible to receive a drop, a user must have their Discord account connected to their Rally account.


There are three types of gates available with the bot, which will allow users to grant themselves a role based on certain criteria's. This allows creator to give special access to content, events or rooms based on their needs. Where you see parentheses () type only the what is inside, leaving out the parentheses. Where you see angle brackets <> type the applicable coin name, role name, or amount of coin leaving out the angle brackets.

Donation Gate

Command: /donationGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The Donation Gate will grant a role based on a user lifetime donations in USD to the server coin setup.

This is a once valid, forever valid gate. If the user has reached the threshold, he will keep indefinitely the role.

Balance Gate

Command: /balanceGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The balance gate will grant a role based on a user current coin balance he's holding.

The balance of the user is checked every time he performs a transaction. If his balance drop belows the requirement for the gate, the user will be removed from the role. He can regain it again by obtaining the right quantity and join again.

Recurring Gate

Command: / recurringGate --role "<Role Name>" --amount <AMOUNT>

The recurring gate will automatically validate a user monthly donations in USD and renew his right to keep the role for another month, or remove it.

The recurring gate has a grace period of 3 days. At the beginning of a new month, if a user has not provided the specified donation quantity, he will be messaged to renew in the next 3 days. After 3 days, the user loses the role, unless he donated the amount by then.

The recurring gate starts accepting donations for the next month 2 days in advance, to give enough time to users to renew their commitment to the recurring gate.

NFT Gate

Command: /nftGate <role> <NFTTitle> <NFTCreatorCoinSymbol>

Select a Discord role that can be joined for users with the right NFT.

Interactive Coin Giveaway

Command: /giveaway

Creators can set up a giveaway claim button for their Discord members to claim their Coins.

Creators can customize the giveaway based on:

  • The roles they want to be eligible to claim

  • The duration of the claim window

  • Add a personalize note USD amount of Coin for the giveaway pool (the limit is 10 million USD)

  • Max number of claimants

The command is already set up so its only one claim per account - the user will see an error message if they try to claim multiple times.

Other Commands List

airdrop Type (/airdrop people <Optional amount of people <= 75> role <Optional role, you can append another role> memo ) to send an even amount of coin in USD to all active, online users in a channel. Will reward a maximum of 75 users.

balance Type (/balance) to see how much coin you currently have.

balanceGate Type (/balancegate role "" amount ) to set the amount coin required to gain a specific role on this server.

bid Type (/bid name amount ) to bid on an ongoing auction. You will find the with the original auction post.

display Type (/display) to add a category to your server displaying your coin name and current price. Type the command again to remove the category. Only roles with admin permissions will see the category until you add a channel to it.

donate Type (/donate memo <message (optional)>) to send a qty of coin in USD to the creator coin of this server.

donation Type (/donation) to see your donations informations.

donationGate Type (/donationgate role @role amount ) to set the amount of donation dollars required to gain a specific role on this server based on users lifetime donations.

help Type (/help) to see this list again.

join Type (/join) to acquire new roles based on your coin balance.

list Type (/list) to see all the roles that can be gained by holding this server's coin.

lookup Type (/lookup <@DISCORD USERNAME>) to see a Discord user's Rally ID.

notifications Type (/notifications channel ) Add's a notification handler for new creators to a designated channel.

setup Type (/setup ) to set the default coin for the server.

recurringGate Type (/recurringGate role "" amount ) to set a monthly recurring gate from donations that will add or remove a specific role to a user from this server.

send Type (/send @discordHandle memo <message (optional)>) to send a qty of coin in USD to the specified user.

summary Type (/summary) to see a summary of info about this server's coin.

ungate Type (/ungate role "") to remove a specific gate required to gain a specific role.

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