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2021 Candidates for the Community Developers Council



Members who are recognized as Approved Community Developers

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Wilandmartin (shmartin)

Software engineer with 3 years of industry experience, as well as contributions to open source projects such as OpenMRS, a free medical record platform created to help combat malaria. Extensive experience with full stack web development, primarily with C# .NET. Have assessed Big O efficiency of API’s and other web services, and improved inefficient services and interfaces to acceptable bounds. Excited about the potential use cases for both and future dApps that can be implemented on the $RLY network.

Dave Young

I am highly passionate about the development of the Rally Developer ecosystem. With many years of experience contributing to and running software projects, I'm poised and ready to gauge emergent developer needs and assess a broad range of scenarios.


Seasoned software architect with experience ranging from high performance embedded software to highly scalable and responsive enterprise cloud native implementations. Well versed in both Azure and AWS cloud provider offerings with an emphasis on authentication and security. Founding member of the PLAY team as well as their chief cloud architect.


I am highly experienced in both creator tools and automations for blockchain projects from a developer and architect perspective. I have enjoyed working in emerging technology innovation throughout my whole career and I am excited to have an opportunity to see what we can all accomplish together on a project I believe in like Rally.


I'm OverAchiever, one of the first devs to be actively involved in developing tools for rally. I have an extensive background of working with creators, developing in and around the creator ecosystem since the beginning of my career as a dev. My passion for empowering creators to receive all the revenue they rightfully deserve, instead of being at the mercy of content platforms will be strongly relayed as a member of the Community Developer Council.


By this point, you probably already know who I am. And so, you likely already have an opinion on whether or not I would be a wise choice. Vote for whoever you think would best represent your goals.


Since joining 8 months ago, the Rally community continues to amaze me with its dedication to solving problems for creators and ability to attract strong talent. Seeing the community grow and mature week after week on the developer calls has been the highlight of my experience. This is why my cofounder (Matt) and I are so excited to be building Bonfire on Rally. Having received a generous Rally grant a few months ago to build tools for creators, I would love to support other teams in the Rally developer ecosystem who are working towards the same goal. A little bit about me - I’ve been playing around with crypto since 2015 and previously worked as a senior software engineer at Coinbase.


Saharsh is a rally community developer who has been developing on top of the Rally API for almost a year now. He's on the Discord as an active community member and is often helping/receiving help from other devs. On the developer council, he will bring a fresh view to things and help advocate for developers of all levels to make sure that the Rally API is accessible to as many devs as possible. As an experienced developer of many years and friends with many creators on Rally, Saharsh will build a seamless bridge between creators and developers if he is on the Community Developer Council.

mintgate21 (Jennifer)

I've worked full-time on Ethereum mainnet for the past year. I understand the technical challenges with integrating Rally with projects and tools are built for other chains, and want to fuel more integration with existing, top-notch tools.

As a junior developer, I am keen with helping Rally establish onboarding and programming for new developers. I joined the Rally community, as opposed to other social token communities, since Rally offers APIs that other social token communities do not offer or advertise well. I can see the pipeline to utilize Rally as a bridge for web2 developers to get into web3 through hackathons and more community engagement.


Members who have a Creator Coin.

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Clothia - Elena ($CLOTH)

Elena Silenok is a software developer (MS in CS, Network Security focus), entrepreneur, angel investor, and computer science education advocate.

— Elena has 10+ years of experience in startups, both as an entrepreneur and an angel investor, and understands the economic and software development incentives from both sides

— As Founder and CEO of a software development agency (Sputnik Mobile), Elena built products that were featured in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. She knows how to create best-in-class software and can help other developers do the same.

— As one of the first spokespersons for, Elena was an early advocate of popularizing Computer Science education. Elena has also lectured at Columbia and General Assembly on Internet Architecture and loves to explain complex ideas in simple terms, making them accessible to the general public.

— Elena has been around crypto since 2013 and is very excited about the current consumer applications that are being built on top of Elena’s goal is to enable and empower non-technical creators to better engage with their audience, and to remove as much friction from the crypto onboarding process as possible.

colinbenders ($VCA)

I am applying to the CDC as a creator on Rally, as I figured it would be a good idea to have a creator’s perspective at the table of the CDC. I have years of experience within the music industry and have often worked with people to create the tools needed to support creative communities, both online and in the physical world. I am not a developer myself, however I am sure I can be useful here.

chrismessina ($HASH)

As the inventor of the hashtag, I have a deep and abiding interest in social technology and decentralized platforms. As the owner of the $HASH creator coin, I've been diving deep into aligning community incentive structures and the burgeoning creator economy. As I've helped to give rise to social protocols in the past (OAuth, OpenID, ActivityPub), I see a huge potential for the Rally network and seeding developer interest and supporting functionality. As the creator of the Google Developers platform, I'm also versed in bringing together disparate groups to align on a common foundation in which all contributors can succeed and thrive. I see the same potential in web3 and am stoked to have a chance to build alongside you.


Members from the community who are not creators or developers.

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My name is Harshpal, and I’ll make a great addition to the developer council. I organized and attended hackathons across Europe and the USA during my university years, so I am very familiar with software development and community building. I am passionate about finding ways for developers to build tools and integrations to help creators build better and stronger communities. I have advised current creators on figuring out the types of tools and integrations that would make it easier for fans to become a part of their community and provide utility for coin holders.


It's an honor to be part of the Rally network. Serving on the Community Developer Council would be a dream come true for me, as Rally's overall mission maps so closely with my mission of empowering creators globally to take up their massive purpose to bring legacy and vision into crypto, communities, and the creator economy at large.

I have many years of nonprofit experience in the capacity of marketing, web design, donation management functions, and understand the world of grants.

I do high level strategic marketing and design work for the Barret School of Banking and am dialed into networks of community banks from around the country along with associated fintechs. I have plans to bring Community Banking folks into the Rally ecosystem for the purpose of bridging divides between fiat and crypto by way of something they can both agree on: community.

I am possibly Rally's biggest fan outside of Rally's own creators, and am actively helping grow $TILT Coin by aligning closely with Joe's community efforts to help grow his economy through my brand and community efforts. My view on crypto is all about community focused value. I am also in the $ADHD community and have closely followed the efforts by $WOMXN and $JOW since the early Clubhouse days.

I have loads of experience working with devs and know how to speak their language.

I see the growth of Rally as my own growth because of how Rally sees things through the lens of community values when it comes to Social Tokens, NFTs, and crypto at large.

As I like to say: Community first, second, last, always.


Members who are affiliated with Rally in an advisory or contracted relationship.

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I believe I would be a good candidate for the community developer council has I have been working web3 technologies for a long time, I am the developper behind the vaults website, rallybase and I have work on a lot of integrations that are used on the rally network. I am a fullstack developper capable of working with many technologies, I believe my experience will bring a lot to the table. I will be able to grow and support projects backed by the CDC and help close the gap between rally and it's community developper's.


My name Is Kevin Lanthier. I’ve been a full stack software developer for more than 8 years. I have participated in the development of almost all the tools, from devops to backend to frontend. I’ve been involved in many other rally projects such as community tools (Discord, Vaults, Integrations) and previous projects that the Rally network has had prior to

I’m a very resourceful person and I’m an avid technology lover. I like to keep myself on top of latest technologies and I believe I will be able to guide the Rally Community Developer Council properly with my expertise.


Hello everyone! I previously represented the Rally Community as a Community Ambassador where I worked with creators to identify tools that can be used to integrate their coin and identified Community Developers. For existing creators to integrate their coins and to attract new creators, it is essential for Rally to attract more community developers and arm them with tools necessary to build products that can scale with the platform. As a contributor to other DAOs and technical communities, I will be an evangelist of the Rally platform and support builders interested in developing products on top of APIs. It has been wonderful working for the Rally community and I would love to continue representing this community as part of the Community Developer Council.

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