Link or Unlink your Rally.io Account with Discord

Guide: How to Link or Unlink your Rally.io Account with Discord


Linking your Rally Creator Coin with Discord will allow you to share your Rally.io Portfolio balances with Discord bots that grant access to private channels, etc.

Process Overview

  1. 1.
    Sign in to Rally.io
  2. 2.
    Go to account settings
  3. 3.
    Link/unlink your account under "Integrations"


Sign in to rally.io at https://www.rally.io/login.‌
At the top right select your profile icon, and then click Settings, or go to https://www.rally.io/settings.​
In your profile, under integrations, select Link or Unlink according to your needs. You may have to sign in to your Discord account and authorize the integration the first time you link.​
You should now see your Discord handle next to "Discord", and the button should have changed to Unlink (if you linked it), should you ever need to unlink it, or back to Link (if you unlinked).​
That's it! From now on, any Discord servers that use the Rally.io Bot for checking user Creator Coin balances will be able to see their respective balance.