Creator Review Council - Charter

At the start of Rally Network, we used the Rally Snapshot proposal board to post creators for approval on an individual basis with voting open to anyone holding $RLY.

At scale, this solution became untenable as the number of inbound creators exceeded the ability to post and vote on dozens of proposals per week.

Number of Council Members and Nominations

The council will initially be comprised of 5 members, with room to add additional members in the future based on scale. Rally Staff shall comprise no more than 2 members of the council to promote community oriented governance. The rest of the council consists of members of the Rally community.

At large community member self nominations would be the process to find members. The community will vote on a set of finalists provided a name and a short bio.


Council will review Creator Coin candidates. In the future, scope may include reviewing previously approved creators.


The council would be organized through a special role + private Discord channel(s). One channel for the list of creators, one channel for the discussion of creators.

Creators up for approval would be captured in a privately shared document, such as a spreadsheet, with info such as Name, Bio, and at least one social link for review purposes.


Council members will vote Yes or No on a candidate by candidate basis. Any council member can request a focused discussion of a creator. A council member can then call for a vote on a single creator should that member procure 1 other member to support, or second, their request. A simple majority (51%) of Yes votes would then be required to approve the creator.

Staff members are appointed based on roles related to Creator and Community operations.


Quorum for a new creator is 100% of members. Absences/Abstentions will result in a Yes vote.


Given current volumes of creators submitted for proposal, creator review will happen across one voting period per week.

Council Membership

$RLY is the governance token for voting on this future proposal, and the council members proposal. After approval, council members can be removed by $RLY token holders proposal. The council is not an extension of the company, but rather serves the community of $RLY holders.

Time Commitment

Council members are expected to participate in voting operations 5-10 hours per week.


Selected at large community members would be eligible for compensation for Council membership. Compensation to be $1,000 per month, payable in USDC from the Rally Treasury. Staff, Advisors, and Ambassadors are not eligible for compensation for council membership.


A member who does not actively participate in review and voting sessions will be subject to membership review by the other members of the council.


If a council member resigns or requires replacement, there will be a call for submissions for a new council member and a Snapshot proposal vote on a select set of candidates.

Removing a Council Member

After approval, council members can be removed by $RLY token holders proposal. The council is not an extension of the company, but rather serves the community of $RLY holders.

Term Limits

While a sitting community-based council member can resign or be removed through a $RLY Governance vote (via Snapshot proposal), we should consider term limits for sitting members. Member participation will be reviewed every 6 months, with a maximum term of 2 years in limited circumstances (for the sake of continuity and educating new council members). This includes Staff members. Council could ensure some level of ongoing attrition such that there is a mix of experience across council members.

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