Swap Coins

You can swap Coins between Creators’ Coins.

To swap Coins:

  1. Go to your Portfolio.

  2. Click Trade.

  3. Click Swap.

4. You will see the amount you can swap “Up to” for the Coin you’re swapping from.

5. Choose the Coin you want to swap to.

6. Select the amount you’d like to swap as the number of Coins; the corresponding estimated USD value will show underneath.

7. The “To” section will show your current balance of that Coin and the estimated amount of Coins you will receive in the swap. Note: You may also experience purchase customizations if swapping to a Coin that has purchase customizations in place.

8. Click Continue to see the swap summary and Creator Fee that will be deducted from the swap (the Creator Fee will be paid to the Creator you are swapping from).

9. Confirm swap.

10. Your balances will update when the swap has been successful.

In your portfolio “Recent Transaction” section, this will show as two separate actions - a Sell and Bought line item with “Swap” underneath but on a Coin page, this will show up directly as a Swap action.

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