Creating Bulk NFTs

In order to create NFTs with Rally, you must be a creator with a Coin on Rally.

Once you have your Coin launched, go to and make sure you are logged in to your Rally account.

  1. Go to the menu on your profile page and click on the “Create” button and from the dropdown, select "Create Bulk NFTs".

2. A pop up window will appear that shows you the steps you will need to complete in order to create bulk NFTs.

3. First step is to click on "Upload NFTs" & then choose your NFT sell option (read more here) from the new pop up menu that appears.

4. You will need need to upload your NFT files. Click the "Choose NFTs" button in the middle of the screen to upload your NFTs - please check the listed out file types and max size limit for each NFT that can be uploaded.

NOTE: depending on the number of files you are choosing to upload and the size of the files, this may take some time so be patient as the files are uploading - do not navigate back. You can upload up to 500 files every time - if you have more files, you will need to upload in batches.

5. After uploading is complete, hit the "Next" button and you will navigate to a screen to fill out your NFTs' metadata information.

  • 5a. If you have different information per NFT, download the CSV and fill in the metadata there

  • 5b. If the information is the same across the NFTs, fill out the information in the form fields in the pop-up window and that will auto-populate the information in the CSV file across your NFTs.

6. Hit the "Download CSV" button when you are finished entering in your NFT information. A pop-up window will appear when its ready and in your download folder.

7. Open your CSV file and double check the information. Do not change or update the info in the Read-Only columns like Sale Type and Cloudinary ID. The media link URLs and the image name info should also not be changed.

8. Now that you have your CSV and you have double checked the information, navigate back to the original "Create Bulk NFTs" drop down option and go to "Step 2 - Upload CSV".

9. After you have chosen your file, you will see a preview of the file so you can make sure its the correct one.

  • Status "Success" means that the CSV file has been accepted.

  • If you get a Status "Fail" there may be a formatting issue that is occurring - another CSV with be sent that let's you know what is missing so you can correct and re-upload.

Hit "Submit" to send that for review and minting.

10. To check on your NFTs, go to your Dashboard and in the Activity dropdown menu, select "NFT Submissions" to see all your submitted NFTs and their status.

11. Once your NFTs have been minted, you will see them depending on the sell method you chose.

We look forward to seeing your NFTs on!

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