Purchase Customizations
Purpose: Purchase Customization offers Creators more control over their Coin economy by enabling control over key features around the purchase of their Coin. This is an optional setting a Creator can turn on at any time*.
The following features are available as part of Purchase Customization:
  • Purchase cap per transaction: the maximum $USD amount that can be converted from $RLY to purchase the Coin in a single transaction.This cap does not limit Buys made through fiat-in credit card transactions.
  • Time between transactions: a time limit between Buy or Convert transactions (this can be 1 day, 1 week, etc).
  • Duration: the overall window that Purchase Customization parameters would be active on that specific Coin .
Purchasers will be alerted when they initiate a transaction that is limited by Purchase Customization features.
There may be additional features added to Purchase Customization in the future to offer creators the ability to further customize their Coin economy.
*Currently, Purchase Customizations are provided by Creators to the Rally team to configure. These controls will be made available to Creators in a future iteration.
Last modified 1mo ago
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