Common Problems & Solutions

Rally.io Platform

"You must be on the desktop site to use this feature" while trying to Bridge-Out

Solution: If you are on a desktop/laptop browser already, try zooming your browser out. (Ctrl+Scroll Wheel or Ctrl+- [control minus]. Mac users, please substitute Ctrl for Command.) Cause: Some devices (especially laptops and Apple devices) use a custom resolution and DPI combo that lowers the reported viewport resolution.

The Rally.io site works, but most features seem broken or disabled

Solution: If you have a VPN, try disabling it. Cause:

Someone trying to send me a Creator Coin encounters an unexpected error.

Solution: Try having them send to either your Twitch ID, Rally ID or Rally Username, or Twitter username, depending on whether you signed up with Twitch, email, or Twitter, respectively. If one doesn't work, try one of the others. Note: The long alphanumeric RallyID should always work. Cause: Site backend is a little picky. Databases are a scary place. For Twitch IDs specifically, Twitch Auth is a nightmare.

Vaults and LPs

My Uniswap/Balancer transaction is stuck. What do I do?

Solution: In most wallets, you can attempt to cancel the transaction. We recommend avoiding the 'speed up' function, as some complex smart contracts (such as Uniswap) can cancel a transaction that attempted 'speed up'. For Uniswap specifically - and possibly others - please ensure you submit your transaction with a sufficient gas price, as they can cancel tx's that are pending for too long (e.g. 20min). Cause: The Ethereum network is a growing network that faces scaling challenges. As it becomes more congested, your 'gas price' may not be high enough to win the bid required to be slotted into the next 'block' of processed transactions.

Harvest Timing | Why do my harvest pools show no income after 'x' time?

Solution: Wait for the next harvest. Cause: Harvests are automatic and somewhat random/variable. Usually every couple of days.
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