Introduction to Rally Network

What is Rally?

Rally is building a Creator-driven network: open-sourced technology with community-first: economics, ownership and governance.

We’ve worked closely with creators (YouTubers, Tik-Tokers, Twitch streamers and more) who’ve built communities and content on multiple platforms to understand their goals, aspirations, and current challenges. We’ve witnessed first-hand the significant issues that creators face, including a lack of control in their fan relationships, bad economics and erratic policy changes.
To address these needs, we’ll be applying Rally crypto’s core ethos of decentralization, self-sovereignty, and a token-economic model that will offer creators new opportunities to engage with their fans while earning new monetization streams to lessen their dependence on any individual social media platform.
With Rally, creators will be able to issue their own fully customizable, branded cryptocurrency called Creator Coins that represents their unique digital brand to provide value and utility to their fans. Creators will then have access to an easy-to-use blockchain toolkit powered by Creator Coins that enables them to create scarce collectibles and content, loyalty programs, and a healthy tokenized economy.
Most importantly, Rally will enable every creator to build a business model that will transcend any specific big-tech platform. You can find more details here on the Wiki, or at https://rally.io, especially https://www.rally.io/faq/.

Great Places to Start

Start here if you're brand new to the Rally ecosystem, or just trying to learn more about a specific topic. Articles with a video emoji have a corresponding How-To or educational video!

Using Rally.io

For Creators

Ethereum Mainnet $RLY

Token Economics ("Tokenomics")


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