Token Supply
Token Supply

RLY Team, Advisors and Seed Investors Release Schedule

A max supply of 15 billion RLY has been minted at genesis and will be released over the course of 8 years. Of the 15 billion, less than 30% is allocated to Rally team members and seed investors as follows:
Seed Investors: (15.3%)
4-year vesting and 12-month lock-up, cannot vote in first year.
Team: (14.2%)
4-year vesting and 12-month lock-up, cannot vote in first year.
Advisors: (0.17%)
Prelaunch handful (less than 15) advisors- Brian Flynn, Keisuke Honda, Susie Kim, Josh Kratz to name a few; were onboarded for building community and growing creator base. Their length of service is for 12 months with total payout not to exceed 20M RLY. The current payout plan is to use Sablier time based release approach, for majority. There will be monthly payouts for a small handful. Wallet address: 0x7D19173B97AFB918F17860220ff59CA39243EB27 is primarily used for this purpose.
Side Chain Operations: (1%)
There are various operations that are transacted on Rally side chain. These transactions also have to be performed on main net. On a periodic basis, tranche of tokens is required to be transferred for these transactions. After three months of launch, and forecasting a quarter of activities, 10 million token were transferred in Jan 2021 for these activities. The current 10 million has been estimated for the next three to four months of future transactions. This is an ongoing activity and based on actual transactions the transfers will be made regularly.
RLY Token Allocation Pie Chart
RLY Token Release Schedule Chart

Community Pool Release Schedule

Community Allocation
A max supply of 15 billion $RLY has been minted at genesis on October 15, 2020 and will be released over the course of 8 years. Of the 15 billion, 70% is allocated to the Rally Community as follows:
Community: Network Usage Rewards (50.0%):
  • 50.0% of the $RLY supply is allocated to automated rewards for those contributing to the Rally Network.
Community: Treasury, Developers, Partners, LP and more (20.4%):
  • Community Treasury via Yearn Vaults (3.3% overall supply)
  • Liquidity Mining Program (2.3% overall supply)
  • Advisors and Future Collaborators (3.3% overall supply)
  • Developer Ecosystem and Technical Partnerships (5.0% overall supply)
  • Creator, Brand and Community Partnerships (6.4% overall supply)

Community Treasury Fundraise

The Rally community approved a community treasury fundraise through sales of up to 500M $RLY on December 31, 2020. Proceeds from this community treasury fundraise were deposited into the community treasury wallet following settlement of the $RLY transactions. See here for more details.
  • Total $RLY sold: 196,300,538
  • Total USDC received: $34,828,450
Of the total $RLY sold for the Community Treasury, over 94% are subject to a 12 to 24 month lockup.
Additionally, another $22M USDC raised with a reach of more than 40,000 new overseas users was accomplished through a Coinlist distribution.
This totals roughly $57M raised.
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Monthly Supply Projections

Circulating Supply
The circulating supply is the number of RLY tokens that are publicly available and trading in the market.
The CoinGecko RLY page and CMC $RLY page should have the correct display for current Circulating Supply.
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