Creator Advisory Council


The Creator Advisory Council (CAC) is a representative group of Rally staff, creators, and community members whose role is to:
    Act as final evaluators on the adoption of new Coins in the Rally ecosystem
    Be ecosystem experts who can offer insights and direction on how we steward our creator economies
    Represent the creator community and their needs to staff
    Support innovative best practices and reward creators who are positively contributing to the ecosystem through mentorship, programming, and other activities and drawing from a budget of 150k RLY per quarter
To begin, the council will meet on a weekly basis, and then as the group gets established, regular meetings will occur bi-weekly. Participation is compensated at a rate of 1400 USDC monthly, payable in $RLY. All in, the expected average weekly commitment is up to 5 hrs / week.
The council is intentionally diverse in make-up, and will represent the gender, ethnic and professional diversity of the creative community. It is composed of: 2 Rally staff members and a community elected mix of 3 Rally Creators and 2 advisors drawn from the broader community.
The term for a council member is 1 year, and can be renewed if reelected.

Scope of Activities

The CAC engages with the Rally.io creator community in the following ways:
    Reviews organic creator applications to assist with business plans
    Mentor creators
    Innovation awards
    Events/Programming: Creator community meetings
    Evangelism and Community Ambassadorship
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