Community Developer Council


The Community Developers Council (CDC) is a representative group of Rally staff, creators, developers, and community members whose role is to:
    Grow and support the verified developer community with programming and grants
    Support the Rally team and Dev ecosystem as we grow our app directory
    Evangelize the Rally.io ecosystem
    Engage with the Rally team as APIs and other developer resources are created with the end goal of informing the direction and success of new resources
    Support the developer ecosystem with grants, rewards and programming, drawing from a budget of 1M RLY per quarter
To begin, the council will meet on a weekly basis, and then as the group gets established, regular meetings will occur bi-weekly. The CDC is compensated at a rate of $1400 $RLY each month. All in, the expected average weekly commitment is up to ~5 hrs / week. (Any members already compensated by Rally will not be compensated for council participation.)
The council is intentionally diverse in make-up, and will represent the gender, ethnic and professional diversity of the creative community. It is composed of 7 members: 1 Rally staff, 1 Ambassador, and a community elected mix of 3 Community Developers and 1 advisors drawn from staff, creators, and the broader community.
The term for a CDC member is 1 year, and can be renewed if reelected.

Scope of Activities

The CDC engages with the Rally.io development community in the following ways:
    Policy creation and enforcement
    App/Tool Review and Approval
    Events/Programming: Jams/Hackathons, Demo Days
    Grants: Reviews and Awards
    Bounties/Activity Rewards
    Evangelism and Community Ambassadorship
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