Rally Team

Rally Corp Core Team Members, Rally Community Ambassadors and Supporting Team Members

The Core Team


Kevin Chou

Head of Engineering/OP COO

Ray Chiapuzio

Head of Rally Network

Amit Ranade

Co-Founder/Head of Product

Michael Li

Co-Founder/Head of Growth

Mahesh Vellanki

Head of Communications

Kurt Patat

General Counsel

Ira Lam

Vice President of Community

Jason Maestas

Supporting Team

Global Advisors

Crypto Community Advisor

Danilo S. Carlucci

Community and Governance

Brian Flynn Ian Lee Cooper Turley

Music and Artist Advisor

Josh Katz

Social Audio Creator Advisor

Jeremiah Owyang

Community and Creator Advisor

Jess Sloss

Esports and Gaming Advisor Advisor

Susie Kim

Researcher in Residence

Joon Ian Wong

Community Ambassadors

Developer Tools for Creators

Alex Phelps

Community Education and Management

Jacob Lux

Community Ambassador - Social Audio Creators

Vajresh Balaji

For more info on Rally and the Rally team, click any of the names above, or see the Rally LinkedIn page and this Medium post by Kurt Patat.