Rally Team

Rally Corp Core Team Members, Rally Community Ambassadors and Supporting Team Members

The Core Team


​Kevin Chou​

Head of Engineering/OP COO

​Ray Chiapuzio​

Head of Rally Network

​Amit Ranade​

Co-Founder/Head of Product

​Michael Li​

Co-Founder/Head of Growth

​Mahesh Vellanki​

Head of Communications

​Kurt Patat​

General Counsel

​Ira Lam​

Vice President of Community

​Jason Maestas​

Supporting Team

Global Advisors

Crypto Community Advisor

​Danilo S. Carlucci​

Community and Governance

​Brian Flynn Ian Lee Cooper Turley​

Music and Artist Advisor

​Josh Katz​

Social Audio Creator Advisor

​Jeremiah Owyang​

Community and Creator Advisor

​Jess Sloss​

Esports and Gaming Advisor Advisor

​Susie Kim​

Researcher in Residence

​Joon Ian Wong​

Community Ambassadors

Developer Tools for Creators

​Alex Phelps​

Community Education and Management

​Jacob Lux​

Community Ambassador - Social Audio Creators

​Vajresh Balaji​


For more info on Rally and the Rally team, click any of the names above, or see the Rally LinkedIn page and this Medium post by Kurt Patat.