Staking Rewards

Liquidity and YDV Staking Informational Article

For the How-To Guide on Staking in a Liquidity Pool: click here.

350MM $RLY from the community token allocation have been earmarked for distribution as staking rewards. These are currently allocation across 6 pools:

  1. ​UNI RLY/ETH​

To participate, provide liquidity to any of the Balancer or Uniswap pools noted above or deposit in the y3Crv Yield Delegating Vault and then visit to deposit your claim tokens and begin earning $RLY rewards.

The current emission rate is 38 $RLY / block or roughly 7.3MM $RLY / month. Each pool receives a share of these 38 $RLY / block based on weights voted by the community. The current weighting is:

  1. 13% BAL RLY/USDC 90–10

  2. 13% BAL RLY/USDC 10–90

  3. 13% BAL RLY/ETH 90–10

  4. 13% BAL RLY/ETH 10–90

  5. 35% UNI RLY/ETH

  6. 13% y3Crv Yield Delegating Vault (aka LP)

You can review the reward pool contract here:​

The y3Crv YDV staking rewards are a per block addition to the $RLY depositors would normally receive after depositing in this vault. To receive these rewards, deposit the claim tokens (rd3Crv) you receive for a deposit in this YDV into the appropriate staking pool. Note that all APY estimates presented on for this special case are inclusive of the rewards generated by both the YDV and reward pool.