How does Creator Coin help Creators?
Informational: Ways Creator Coin helps Creators
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Key Benefits

Fee-less sending/receiving/paying of Creator Coin

Any revenue earned in a Creator Coin has zero fees. So if a fan uses $FAN coins to pay FanHOTS for a hero request, or buys merch for example, the creator keeps 100% of the $FAN coins that is sent to them to pay for the goods or services; the fan also is not stuck with a fee. Win-win.

Network Rewards / Community Activity Rewards

tl;dr Holders of Creators receive some amount of weekly activity rewards
Note: On March 20, network rewards will start to be paid out in $RLY instead of sunk into the liquidity pool. A creator can sell their $RLY rewards earned weekly. This facilitates a "making a living" design for the Creator.

Creators Earn Fees on their Coin's Economic Activity

When anyone sells a large tranche of Creator Coin for $RLY, $USDC, or exchanges for any other creator coin, the Creator earns a fee.

What Separates Rally from other Social Moneys in Crypto?

Creators and Fans Earn Rewards

As pointed out in the previous section, both creators and fans can earn Community Activity Rewards. To date, no other Social Token platform have done these.

U.S. Compliance

Rally is fully US compliant in its partnering with PTI, and PTI's acquisition of money transmission licenses.

Simple Fiat Transactions

The benefit of money transmission licenses is the ability to do fiat onramps and offramps ourselves, which is why you can, in the US, buy Creator Coin with a credit/debit card, and some other upcoming payment systems. This is a significant challenge in the crypto space, and a significant accomplishment.

Fee-less Transactions

For creators, we don't charge payment processing fees for withdrawals. For all users, we have fee-less trading (converting). Given the fiat integration, this is even more unique in the crypto space.
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