Example Use Cases
Common Use-Cases and Big Creators

Musical Artists

Top selling artists Portugal. The Man and Selah recently launched their own creators coins.
Check out Portugal. The Man band members John Gourley and Zach Carothers discussing why they are partnering with their fans to launch PTM Coin to serve as the focal point of their global community.
And Selah members Todd Smith and Allan Hall revealing why 3CR8 Coin will help them stay connected with their fans via virtual concerts, scavenger hunts and more.


Recently, Twitch streamer Alliestrasza (ALLIE Coin) and her partner Mason hosted a Hearthstone tournament with her twitch community, that was co-hosted by Nicholena (MOON coin) to her own Twitch community. The winners of the tournament won ALLIE Coin.
Watch a clip below of Alliestrasza, Nicholena and Mason discussing the growth of the Rally project and weekly community activity rewards.
Vibe launched his coin recently. Check out him highlighting some early benefits and rewards with fans for his ViBE Coin
Over the weekend, Australian Gamer/ Cosplayer Livibee launched her Bee Coin. Watch as she walks a fan through how to get the coin.
The first few creators that launched Creator Coins included Stanz, Roffle, and DownToQuest. Check out a compilation of them chatting with their followers about their respective tokens.


International soccer star Keisuke Honda generated global headlines when he announced KSK Honda Coin. Here he is discussing why this is a new type of fan club.
Source: Kurt Patat's Medium Article
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