What are Creator Coins?

Rally Creator Coins empower creators, artists, athletes, and brands ('creators' for short) to launch their own cryptocurrencies to strengthen fan engagement and tap into new monetization opportunities. As it stands, creators have difficulty monetizing their fan base, let alone in a way that is mutually beneficial to fans. Rally aims to fix this problem. At the same time, Creator Coins can be bought by fans and see them rise in value as the creator accrues a larger fan base. Not only does the token accrue in value, but it can also be used to signify a level of commitment/fandom, tiered access to special content, early access or be used to purchase NFT’s issued by the creator.

Let’s use the example of Alice to come to grips with how this works. Alice is a (fictive) successful CS:GO Twitch streamer. She contacts the Rally team to have the $ALICE coin issued. Once Alice is vetted by the Rally community members, her coin is issued. Alice in turn is rewarded with a pre-set number of $ALICE which she can keep as a form of investment, or could distribute in any way she deems fit. In essence, Alice immediately has a vested interest in making the $ALICE coin a success because when $ALICE rises in value, the tokens she owns rise in value too.

Fans of Alice, especially early ones, are incentivized to buy $ALICE for the same reason. If her popularity increases, so does the value of $ALICE. It is an investment in potential popularity. These fans are also motivated to introduce Alice to their friends. Content sharing is a an almost natural instinct to us, but when coupled with a financial incentive, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. The effect of increased exposure is increased adoption and thus increased value. The result hereof is an exceptionally loyal fan base that is socially and economically incentivized to spread.

Alice, who is rather pleased with her $ALICE coin, let’s her fans know that the $ALICE coin is available for purchase on the Rally website. She lets them know that if a fan owns 50 $ALICE they are allowed to join her private Discord chat. If they own 100 $ALICE they can PM her on discord. Fans with 500 $ALICE get mod privileges on the Discord. On top of that, they can buy an autographed picture in the form of an NFT for 1,000 $ALICE that entitles the owner to early-bird tickets to Alice’s next competitive CS:GO event. As you can imagine, ownership of $ALICE coins can be pretty awesome. On the one hand, as Alice’s popularity rises and more people want to own her coins, the coins you already own rise in value. On top of that, Alice is motivated to do cool stuff with her coins because she owns them herself.

Creators have a new way of monetizing their content while at the same time fans participate in their economy and benefit from their rise in popularity.