Creator Profile Page

Note: The information herein represents the August 2021 version of the Creator Coin profile page.

Each Creator Coin has a "home" page where the creator provides use cases, benefits, and campaigns for their coin; and provides information (ie, bio) and links about themself, thus a profile of the creator.

Creator Profile Page Elements

The Creator Profile page consists of the following elements from the creator:

  • Creator Preferred Name

  • Coin Symbol: 3-5 character symbol to identify the coin

  • Coin Image: 100x100px

  • NEW - Creator Profile Banner: 1440x557px

  • NEW - Short Bio: a short blurb about your coin and how your community can benefit from it. Max 200 characters including spaces.

  • About Me Section

    • Creator Preferred Name

    • Long Bio: a longer description of you and your content/brand/business

    • Creator Profile/Bio Image: 5:4 (641px width)

  • NEW - Creator Promo Video: See below.

Creator Promo Video

A creator can provide a video about themself and their coin. Note the following specifications and recommendations for the creator video.

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Supported file types: MP4, MOV

  • Max file size: 400 MB (We prefer much smaller than this for proper loading of the page.)

  • Recommended length: 30-60 seconds (Think of this like a promotional ad.)

  • Recommended message: We recommend a basic evergreen message introducing yourself and your coin, sharing some general benefits for holding and spending the coin. Avoid talking in specifics that could make your video outdated and remember not to focus on the price of your coin.


Campaigns will now include the option to add an image file for the campaign. Campaign image size is as follows:

  • NEW - Campaign Card Image: 3:2 (Min. 417px width)

Mock-up of a Creator Profile Page