Creator Profile Page
Note: There are some elements that have yet to be added to the Creator Profile Page that we've included here since we collect them at onboarding.
Each Creator Coin has a "home" page where the creator provides use cases, benefits, and campaigns for their coin; and provides information (ie, bio) and links about themself.
At this time, the Rally team creates a Creator Profile Page as part of the coin setup and launch process. Once live, a Creator is able to add use cases and benefits as well as campaigns. In order to make some edits the Creator will have to email our creator support team. The Coin ticker cannot be changed.

Creator Profile Page Elements

The Creator Profile page consists of the following elements from the creator:
    Creator Preferred Name
    Coin Symbol: 3-5 character symbol to identify the coin
    Coin Image: 306x306px
    About Me Section
      Creator Public Name
      Bio / About
      Creator Profile/Bio Image: 5:4 (641px width)
    Coming Soon - These fields have not been added to the Coin page :
      Creator Profile Banner: 1440x557px
      Short blurb about your coin and how your community can benefit from it. Max 200 characters including spaces.
      Campaign Card Image: 417 px wide, 3:2 ratio

All Elements (including "coming soon"):

See a full mock-up of a Coin page with "coming soon" elements here:

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