Creating Commerce Campaigns with Deeplinks

Create multiple, simultaneous commerce opportunities for your fans with one-click transactions

As an addition to the Receive feature - which allows you to send a deeplink for easy fan transactions, you can now create Receive campaigns, which allow you to offer multiple simultaneous transactions with limited quantities and time availability.

Campaigns are great for limited availability opportunities such as:

  1. Physical goods such as clothing, CDs, and more.

  2. Content for a particular week.

    1. Play with me/co-op slots.

    2. Questions for an AMA.

    3. 1on1 meetings.

  3. Seats in an event like a tournament, concert, watch party, and more.

For Creators:

When a fan buys a campaign offer, you will see the transaction with the campaign name in your Wallet > My Activity feed.

Create a Campaign

To create a campaign:

  1. Click Receive below My Quantity. (This is only visible to Creators.)

  2. Click the Campaign tab.

  3. Type a name for the campaign.

  4. Enter the amount in coin or USD that the item costs.

  5. Type any notes/instructions for the user.

  6. Add a link to an image of the item or other supporting website.

  7. Enter the quantity/amount of items available. NOTE: When the quantity of items is purchased, the campaign is automatically closed.

  8. Click Create Link to finalize the campaign and generate a link (URL).

9. Copy the URL (at the bottom of the window) and share with your fans!

When a fan clicks the link, they'll be taken to the final step in the Send flow to complete the transaction.

View Your Campaigns

After you've created a campaign, you can view all of your open and closed campaigns, including how many items have been bought per campaign.

To view your campaigns:

  1. Click Receive below My Quantity. (This is only visible to Creators.)

  2. Click the Campaign tab.

  3. Click LIST.

Stop a Campaign

To stop a campaign, click the X to the right of the campaign name and click End to confirm.