🎥 Bridge Out

Guide: How to use the Bridge Out feature to move your Rally.io $RLY to Ethereum Mainnet

What is Bridge Out?

The Bridge Out feature allows you to send $RLY from your Rally [sidechain] wallet to your Ethereum wallet (that supports ERC-20 tokens). Once in your Ethereum wallet, you can use $RLY in a variety of ways, as noted here.

You will need some amount of ETH in your Ethereum wallet to complete transactions after you send RLY to your Ethereum wallet. ETH is required to pay transaction fees, called gas, on the Ethereum network. The cost of gas depends on many factors, such as the size of the transaction, the speed of the transaction, the amount of activity currently on the Ethereum network, and more.

We recommend buying at least $20 USD worth of ETH for future gas fees. You may need to buy ETH from an exchange such as Coinbase.com and then sending that ETH to your Ethereum wallet. (IMPORTANT: You cannot send $RLY to a Coinbase.com account, thus you will need an Ethereum wallet to complete most $RLY related transactions. Metamask and Coinbase Wallet are examples of Ethereum wallets that support $RLY, but please note that Coinbase.com and Coinbase Wallet are NOT the same thing)

For more on gas, see Gas and Fees.

​Here are some wallets we suggest that do support the $RLY token

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Step 1: Verifying Your Identity

The Bridge Out process requires a KYC, know your customer, process to be completed prior to using Bridge Out.

This process has been streamlined so that the initial submission of your information is handled through the webform in the Bridge-Out prompts. Follow the steps to initiate KYC. The KYC process may take 2-3 business days to complete for US users, and can take longer for non-US users, as additional verification may be required.

  1. From your Portfolio, click on the orange "Trade" button next to your $RLY balance.

  2. Click Bridge Out.

  3. Read the "experimental feature" informational prompt and click Continue.

  4. You'll see a "We need more information" prompt. Click Next.

  5. Fill out the information in the form and click Next.

  6. Wait for PTI to email you.

Please take a look at Bridge Out Restrictions / KYC Requirements here to see if your region is enabled for Bridge Out.

Step 2: Using Bridge Out

After you complete the KYC process, you're ready to bridge out. You can only bridge out $RLY, thus if your intent is to bridge out from a Creator Coin, you must first use the Convert feature to convert your Creator Coin to $RLY, and then bridge out to your Ethereum wallet.

  1. If you're ready with $RLY to bridge out, log in to the rally.io website. From your Portfolio, click on the orange "Trade" button next to your $RLY balance.

  2. Click Bridge Out.

  3. Read the "experimental feature" informational prompt and click Continue.

  4. Enter the amount of $RLY you want to bridge out and click Next.

  5. Click Got It to acknowledge that you understand that you can only successfully send $RLY to an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Enter the Ethereum address of the wallet to which you are sending the $RLY. You should copy and paste this address from the target wallet for accuracy. Again, be sure that your wallet can receive ERC-20 tokens. Sending $RLY to a wallet address that does not support $RLY may result in permanent loss of funds.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Review the details of the transaction. Note that there is a small fee removed to complete this transaction. Click Send to send to your Ethereum wallet.

The bridge out process may take several minutes to complete based on current activity on the Ethereum network.

Note: The current limits for Bridge out are 50,000 $RLY per user per day, with a global system max of 1,000,000 $RLY per day.