Flow Controls (Sell Rate Limits)

Information about Creator Coin sale rate limitations / throttling / flow controls

Converting and transferring Creator Coins are subject to flow controls designed to promote utility and usability over speculation. The flow controls are modeled on token bucket algorithms and are designed to enforce per user, per coin rate limits while allowing for bursts in activity.

The specific implementation includes:

  • A configurable maximum allowance defined as 5% of the circulating supply of a creator coin

  • Accrual towards that maximum allowance over 30 days

At any given time, a user has an allowance limiting the amount of a creator coin that they can sell or transfer based on the above rules. Each time a sale or transfer is completed, that amount is deducted from the user's available allowance for that coin and accrual up to the maximum allowance continues.

Additionally, there are configurable exemptions that allow for unrestricted transfers to and from specified addresses for each coin that are designed to allow commerce and donations to happen without restriction.

Users will notice flow controls in the convert, redeem, and send interfaces. In each, users will see an "up to" amount that will be less than their total balance when they are subject to limits applied by the flow control system.