Yield Delegating Vaults (YDV)

Guide: Earn Rally through Yield Delegating Vaults

Yield-Delegating Vaults have been retired and no longer support deposits.

You can find the forum discussion post here.

In line with this proposal, liquidity pool weights have been updated and RLY rewards for YDVs have stopped. The last harvests were executed on February 24, 2021 and those will be the last RLY rewards emitted by the YDVs. The vaults.rally.io UI has been updated to prevent additional deposits. Existing depositors can withdraw/claim at their convenience.

3pool LP users should unstake first from the LP, and then from the vault.

There is no rush to withdraw. Remaining stakes will simply earn the yield generated by the underlying yearn vault instead of it being transferred to the community treasury (rewarding $RLY). In other words, you'll earn the typical Yearn rewards, instead of $RLY.

You can access the Yield Delegating Vaults at https://vaults.rally.io/.