Staking Rewards Breakdown
Liquidity and YDV Staking Informational Article
For the How-To Guide on Staking in a Liquidity Pool: click here.
350MM $RLY from the community token allocation have been earmarked for distribution as staking rewards. These are currently allocation across 5 pools:
To participate, provide liquidity to any of the Balancer or Uniswap pools noted above and then visit vaults.rally.io/liquidity to deposit your claim tokens and begin earning $RLY rewards.
The current emission rate is 38 $RLY / block or roughly 7.3MM $RLY / month. Each pool receives a share of these 38 $RLY / block based on weights voted by the community. The current weighting is:
  1. 1.
    13% BAL RLY/USDC 90–10
  2. 2.
    13% BAL RLY/USDC 10–90
  3. 3.
    13% BAL RLY/ETH 90–10
  4. 4.
    13% BAL RLY/ETH 10–90
  5. 5.
    35% UNI RLY/ETH
  6. 6.
    13% y3Crv YDV (Redistributed into the above pools)
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