Helpful Rally Network Links

A list of helpful links to learn more about the Rally Network

General Links

Rally URL: Creator Coin: Rally IO & Creator Coins Discord: $RLY Network & Governance Discord: This Wiki: Twitter: Blog: Forums (Discourse): Subreddit: Snapshot: Vaults: YDV Stats: RLY Liquidity Mining: Rally Bridge: General FAQ: Community Activity Rewards FAQ: Apply for Creator Coin: Developers: Coingecko:

Rally Token Address

RLY token contract address: 0xf1f955016ecbcd7321c7266bccfb96c68ea5e49b Etherscan link:

Liquidity Mining Pools

Uniswap Pool ETH-RLY:

Balancer Pools 90-10 USDC-RLY: 90-10 RLY-USDC: 90-10 RLY-WETH: 90-10 WETH-RLY:

Deployed Contracts

YDV Rewards Distributor

  • 0xFb467828778a6747011c467e1B346D08491Ae353

Yield Delegating Vaults v2 (active)

  • busd: 0x5B21C1C8192D47529dd33931027FA014fdd9e208

  • ycrv: 0xb13987Da63B7317BF98b2bFeF8C98F1f7D679BE2

  • dai: 0xA075fF50eCd39819B85f62dc4AAa047718688Bc8

  • yfi: 0x039db4F0F712BeDA336cB22e48006F613e2F0969

  • usdc: 0xd8884Af0aB922b55E34153b32f6da71356589869

  • 3crv: 0x398f6c9e0a6490da189885283880be8df92bad36

Yield Delegating Vaults v1 (legacy, not accepting deposits)

  • usdc: 0x399ccE5797C2Aa3eA96A72074e0626f92a96c1aD

  • ycrv: 0x0513125C4ffDF276c6Bb9B67DbB532a9BA9804eD

  • tusd: 0x2b8f3badc786f38C5c44cA44541D1460b1c8468D

  • dai: 0x83919C38950b21c8B5170f95Bb2D8Ca02CAefc51

  • usdt: 0xEaa827A144FeB4C4305c6f4bF7dF860c41575A9d

  • yfi: 0x16Ea160214795A67b66a82dbd45161b0b2cBE566

  • crvbusd: 0x7992652e1C9bA634bC26B978a44F736C94120D06

  • crvbtc: 0x8F412B4822c593aDcc01B2708229c7cB26c35725

  • weth: 0x2D433ED13adcBA003f80bEC3889403FCb0790A44

Liquidity Mining

  • 0x9CF178df8DDb65B9ea7d4C2f5d1610eB82927230

RLY token

  • 0xf1f955016ecbcd7321c7266bccfb96c68ea5e49b

Source Code

Yearn Vault Addresses

Associated Yearn Vaults to see when Yearn last ran their own harvest function USDC: YCRV: TUSD: DAI: YFI: crvBUSD: crvBTC: WETH:

Key Medium Posts


How to use RLY: Yield Delegating Vaults:

Governance and Token Supply

RLY Governance Token Supply: Intro to RLY Governance Token:

Rally Rewards Programs

$RLY Liquidity Provider Rewards Program:| How to Participate as a Liquidity Provider: Community Activity Rewards:

Rally Developer Ecosystem

Rally Developer Ecosystem Overview: Rally Bounty Board Launch: