How New Coins Launch
Note: This article offers a high level overview of the current system design for new coin launches on the Rally.io website and the Rally sidechain. This information is subject to change in the future based on updated new coin launch design.
When a new coin launches, the Rally.io website and API are updated. Sidechain elements are updated first, with non-sidechain elements updated after the sidechain elements have completed. A typical coin launch works as follows (assuming a ~10am PT launch):
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    Approximately 10am PT: Sidechain elements - API, Trade menu, and the Discover Creator Coins page (https://rally.io/creator/). The coin is minted and that information is pushed to the Rally sidechain, which includes the API and those existing areas of the website that read from the sidechain, notably the Trade menu.
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    Approximately 10:10am PT: Non-sidechain elements - Creator’s coin page. A creator’s coin page is created after the sidechain elements have been updated. It takes approximately 10 minutes or so after the sidechain update to build and publish the creator’s coin page with the sidechain info (eg, coin data, rewards) as well as the page elements (eg, URL, images, and bio and social info).
At present, Rally typically launches new coins on Tuesdays and Thursdays at approximately 10AM PT. This is a manual process, thus the start time may be a few minutes before or after this stated time. This is not a steadfast rule, rather the most efficient way for launch timing to be coordinated between internal teams. There may be new coin launches outside of these particular days and times.
For information on how to buy a new coin before the creator's coin page is live, see Buying a Coin from the Trade Menu.
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